Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Classic 350: Find out which is the better cruiser bike within 2 Lakh

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Classic 350: Find out which is the better cruiser bike within 2 Lakh

Especially among Indian riders, classic motorcycles have a special allure, as seen by the rise in popularity of such vehicles in recent years. India’s Royal Enfield-dominated vintage bike market has witnessed several fresh arrivals from Jawa, Honda, and, most recently, Yezdi.

Classic bikes are regarded as the game changers for most premium bike makers like RE or Yezdi. If you go back in history, you will love their unique design and ultimate riding experience.

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Classic

The motorcycles come with lots of enjoyable features such as forward set foot pegs, low height of seats, and reachable handlebars to give the rider a feel of utmost comfort during long-distance riding.

Among them, two of the most famous bikes are -the Yezdi Roadster and Royal Enfield Classic 350. Although both are common on Indian roads and contain similar features, some key differences between these two cruiser bikes made them prominent competitors in this premium classic bike segment.

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The iconic motorcycle brand Yezdi, known for producing bikes like Roadking between the 1970s and 1990s, made a recent comeback to India with three motorcycles — Roadster, Scrambler, and Adventure. The Roadster is the touring model of these three models and competes with Royal Enfield Classic 350.

Can this new Yezdi, however, pose a threat to the Classic 350, one of the most popular modern classic motorcycles on the Indian market right now? Let’s investigate it by contrasting the two motorcycles’ attributes, such as their features, performance, and cost.

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Classic : Pricing

One of the main is their difference in the price range. While Yezdi starts at Rs. 2.01 Lakh while the initial price of Royal Enfield Classic 350 comes around Rs. 1.90 Lakh. Thus, the base model of RE classic 350 is Rs. 11,050 cheaper than the Yezdi Roadstar.

In this price range, there are a lot of different highlighting features, including mileage, battery, and technical specifications can be seen in both of the bikes.

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Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Classic : Performance and Mileage

Both classic bikes are designed for daily and long journeys. Both the bikes can run through the common potholes and even waterlogged streets, nasty speed-breaking bumps, and many road hurdles where their high ground clearance becomes very important. 

The Yezdi Roadster, in this case, with 175 mm of ground clearance, seems to act marginally better than Royal Enfield Classic 350, which comes with 170 mm ground clearance. The Yezdi Roadster is more straightforward to handle because of its lighter curb weight Of 184 kg, while the Classic 350 has a total of 195 kg curb weight which is slightly heavier than the Yezdi.

When it comes to Yezdi Roadster vs. Classic 350 mileage, we can again see a huge difference. RE Classic 350 claims to have a mileage of 41.6 kmpl, while the claimed mileage of the Yezdi Roadster comes to around 28.5 kmpl.

The throttle response is better in Roadster than in the Classic 350, but if we talk about speed range, the RE Classic 350 works more smoothly than the Yezdi. You don’t need to shift gears frequently like the Roadster.

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Classic : Technical Specifications

Yezdi is powered by a 334 cc, Single Cylinder, liquid-cooled DOHC engine, which integrates 29 bhp at the rpm of 7,300 and peak torque of 29 Nm at 6,500 rpm. This plantation of power comes with a six-speed constant-mesh gearbox. 

On the other hand, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 has the power of a 349 cc, air-oil cooled engine that delivers 20 bhp at the rpm of 6,100 and 27 Nm of highest torque at 4,000 rpm. This comes combined with a five-speed gearbox and spark ignition.

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If we talk about maximum speed, the Yezdi is slightly more powerful than the Classic 350, which is even more evident because of their weight difference.

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Classic

Yezdi vs Royal Enfield : Features

We can write a lot here if we discuss a feature point review between Yezdi vs. Royal Enfield. Some of the main essential points are :

The Roadster has many provisions, including great LED headlamps and a top LCD instrument console with further options such as distance to empty and a trip meter, ABS mode, an indicator of gear position, etc.

The RE Classic 350 has a cluster of semi-digital instruments, including an analog speedometer and LCD for information such as an odometer, fuel gauge, trip meter, and clock. The Classic 350 also has a Tripper system that propels turn-by-turn navigation, which is an absolute level up to the Yezdi.

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Classic : Suspension and Braking

The Yezdi has a suspension setup that consists of telescopic forks and gas-charged twin shock absorbers in the rear. The braking hardware comprises disc brakes of 240 mm for the back and 320 mm for the front, and this comes with single-channel ABS. 

On the contrary, the Classic 350 has telescopic forks with twin shock absorbers, while the braking system is handled by a 153 mm rear drum brake and 300 mm front disc brake, combined with single-channel ABS. The mileage of this two bikes heavily depends on this difference in suspension and braking system.

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The Design and Comfort

Design-wise and in terms of aesthetic look, both Classic 350 and Yezdi Roadster boasts retro styling with clear premium looks.

Royal Enfield 350’s unique design has indeed bowled the audiences over. The dual-tone paint and neat touches make this bike quite the looker. At the same time, Roadstar is a little behind in this department.

If you take a closer look, you notice the shoddy quality with crude welds, basic-looking bolts, and switches that are not as tactile as on the classic 350. Also, the LCD is almost unreadable in the bright sun. In terms of quality, fit and finish, the Royal Enfield is always a winner.

The roadster riding position, although not uncomfortable, seems strange with wide handlebars and higher foot pegs. The seats are also too soft to give you butt aches, and the classic 350 offers you all-day comfort and a more relaxed riding position.

Regarding handling, the Yezdi Roadster is more lightweight than the Classic 350, easy to handle on roads, and feels like a street fighter bike running on city roads. Roadster is more of a bike made for city riding, and if we talk about highway cruising, the RE 350 delivers superior performance and comfort than the Yezdi Roadster. And more specifically, the citing posture in Classic 350 is more comfortable than the Yezdi Roadster.

Yezdi Roadster vs Royal Enfield Classic

Final Words

After evaluating all the above points, it certainly is hard to decide which is better in the competition of Yezdi Roadster vs. Royal Enfield Classic 350

Although Yezdi has a few rough edges that a Classic Legend should not consist of, there are areas where it is pretty enjoyable to ride with more power and better performance. 

But in the end, the Classic 350 tugs at our heartstrings, as it feels unique in style. Its refined design, quality, and finish offer a far more relaxing ride. And although the final choice is yours, within the price range of 2 lakhs, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 is a better option in our selection.

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