What are Extended Car Warranties? Why you should need this?

What are Extended Car Warranties? Why you should need this?

Among the most significant investments a person makes is buying a car. Everyone wants to protect their vehicle for the long term, but warranties provided at the time of purchase are for a limited time. 

The good news is that you can extend your warranty, so it’s critical to comprehend why you should give an extended car warranty for your car.

You feel delighted knowing you have warranty coverage if something goes wrong, and you can pay some more cash for the piece of mind. It is only one of the numerous reasons for choosing extended warranties, and you may add the extended warranty for a fair amount.

What are Extended Car Warranties

Is your warranty coverage about to expire? And are you looking for an extended warranty? An extended warranty commonly referred to as a car service contract pays for unforeseen repairs needed because of mechanical faults or breakdowns. 

In this article, you can learn more about What are Extended Car Warranties? Why should you need this?

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What are Extended Car Warranties?

Extending the coverage offered by a manufacturer’s standard warranties are extended warranties, often referred to as vehicle service contracts, protection plans, or service plans. 

It covers the repair cost after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Both new and used cars are eligible for extended warranties.

There are many levels of coverage for extended warranties covering various automotive components. In contrast, other warranties are restricted to particular vehicle components, such as engines and transmissions. 

Mainly, there are three types of extended warranties, bumper-to-bumper, stated component, and extended powertrain warranties.

When an extended car warranty covers an item, the price of the parts and the labor costs are also often covered. Most of them have deductibles that must be paid when the repair is completed, which are not covered in standard warranties.

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The 4 Reasons you need an Extended Car Warranty

There are numerous reasons, but the top four reasons to get an extended car warranty are listed below.

You can avoid unplanned expenses with extended warranties. Car repairs are pricey, and the cost of repairing the latest cars might get higher! 

These unplanned expenses can be avoided by purchasing an extended car warranty. One significant repair could cost more than the total cost of your warranty, so that you could save a ton of money by the warranty.

1.An extended warranty may cover benefits not covered by manufacturer warranties.

The standard warranty plans typically do not include extra coverage. An economy rental car typically costs between $40 and $60 daily. Depending on how long your vehicle needs to be in the shop for repairs, this can quickly add up.

2.An extended warranty might cover roadside assistance.

What if you travel and need your car repaired due to an incident? You will pay for towing to a mechanic shop, which will cost you more. 

Sometimes, extras with extended car warranties include towing to a shop for repairs and roadside assistance. If you don’t have a warranty, hauling your vehicle to an authorized facility can cost hundreds of dollars. 

Roadside help may be covered directly by the warranty provider in some circumstances, while in other cases, the company may reimburse you for any out-of-pocket costs.

3.It keeps your car safe long after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Most people keep their vehicles for a more extended period. And most new cars come with manufacturer warranties but usually have mileage or ownership time restrictions. Your vehicle will be unprotected for a sizable portion of that time.

4.Owners can feel peace knowing that their vehicles are covered by an extended warranty, particularly if they intend to keep them for a considerable time after the original manufacturer warranty has expired. 

An extended warranty offers a safety net against paying a hefty repair price, which is why more consumers opt for an extended car warranty.

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If you drive carefully and keep your car well maintained, it is unlikely that anything will go wrong, and also, most car engines are robust these days. 

Consequently, if the extended warranty seems expensive, you can avoid buying it. Moreover, if your usage is less and the extended warranty does not cover electrical systems, it does not make much sense to go with an extended warranty.

In contrast, if you have a diesel vehicle with higher utilization, you should go for an extended car warranty. At the same time, it relies on your needs and available vehicles. 

The first thing you should do is verify the condition of your manufacturer warranty. If a vehicle you own is older than six years, there’s a strong possibility you’re no longer covered.

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