The Wuling Air EV is the brand's first electric vehicle sold outside China.

The Wuling Air EV will be available in Indonesia in the second part of this year.

The low headlights and LED DRLs merged into a horizontal bar that runs from one side mirror to the other are styling highlights of the Air EV.

The Air EV is slightly larger than the Mini EV, with dimensions of 117 inches (2,972 mm) in length and 59.3 inches (1,506 mm) in width.

Wuling Air EV will be driven by a 40-horsepower front-mounted electric engine, with a top speed of 62 miles per hour.

A lithium iron phosphate battery powers the motor, and the company has not disclosed the capacity yet.

The range will be 186 Kilometers for a single charge.

Prices in China will begin at slightly less than 55,000 yuan ($8,250) for the SWB model and 65,000 yuan ($9,745) for the LWB variant.