Ford just declared that the 2023 Maverick would begin taking orders in September.

After a pause hybrid technology reemerged in the late 1990s to help reduce the harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

For a standard ICE to operate at its best efficiency, the crankshaft's revolutions per minute (RPM) must be increased.

The engine typically spins up to its maximum power number in a few seconds.

On the other hand, electric engines quickly produce all of their torque.

Even though an electric motor's torque will decrease as it travels at higher speeds, it is still more than sufficient to race off the line.

Due to the usage of both systems in a hybrid powertrain, an electric motor can fill in the gaps created by an ICE increasing its rpm.

The Toyota Prius and Nissan Leaf were the two most popular hybrids a little over ten years ago.

Hybrid vehicles have overcome their initial unattractiveness.

Consumers can now choose from various hybrid automobiles at every price point.

Even enthusiasts are welcome to operate a more robust and efficient car than its gasoline-powered cousin.