Electra Townie Go is now one of the market's most economical electric bike brand names.

The bike is priced competitively with internet e-bikes but includes dealer assembly, fitting, and post-purchase service.

The Townie Go is available in two frame designs and seven color variations.

The e-bike has three levels of assistance, minimalist buttons that are simple to use and internally routed cables to reduce clutter.

Townie Go's massive 180mm mechanical disc brakes provide excellent stopping force.

Its 2.35" wide tires provide comfort and stability, while the high-rise handlebar ensures an upright body stance.

The battery and motor are so well concealed that it hardly resembles an ebike.

The average 250wh battery and 250-watt motor work together to provide an efficient ride.

Overall, the Townie Go is an excellent bike for an efficient ride while keeping the overall weight and price low.