AI is focused on developing intelligent machines capable of executing activities that normally require human intelligence.

Expert systems, natural language processing, speech recognition, and machine vision are examples of AI applications.

Many businesses promote their AI technology ambitions and machine learning.

However, very few publicly traded, pure-play AI stocks are in the market.

Artificial intelligence is also becoming an appealing investment prospect in this digital age.

Here are the top AI-investing firms to watch in 2022.

Navida: Nvidia is a well-known firm in the market for its high-end CPUs that power advanced AI applications. 

Nvidia has benefited from the AI boom, with its graphics cards becoming the de facto standard in data centers worldwide.

IBM: Since the 1950s, IBM has been a pioneer in artificial intelligence. 

It is well-known for its AI-based applications such as IBM Watson, a cognitive service, and artificial intelligence services.

Amazon: AWS is a household name in the Artificial Intelligence business, with cloud computing as its prime product. 

Apart from being the leader in e-commerce, AWS is quickly emerging as a leading player in AI technology.