The Monterey Car Week is a more upscale occasion than just a show for automobiles. 

However, some of the most expensive motorcycles in the world were on display here.

The bikes include Elvis Presley's Harley and Captain America from Easy Rider.

1. 1926 BMW R42

These vintage BMW motorcycles resemble modern BMW models, the closest of any legacy motorcycle brand.

2.1910 Harley-Davidson Belt Drive Single

One of the earlier models produced by the now-famous American motorcycle manufacturer is this 1910 Harley-Davidson.

3. 1926 Indian Altoona

The bike was given the Altoona Speedway as its name.

4. 1916 Excelsior V-Twin with Sidecar

The 1,000cc Excelsior V-Twin motorcycle was one of the quickest in the world at the time.

5. 1938 Indian Four

By the 1930s, American motorcycle manufacturers had started focusing on what we could now consider modern motorcycle production.

These bikes are some of the most exquisitely designed and the most expensive motorcycles of the week.