When they see that little "SS" badge embroidered onto the seats of a vehicle, true Chevy lovers feel their hair raise on their arms.

SS stands for Super Sport, and seeing it denotes that a car has undergone some exciting performance enhancements.

Chevy's way of establishing its spot in the world of performance automobiles has always been the SS.

Some of Chevrolet's most significant automobiles have received the SS upgrade. 

A 1957 Corvette race car prototype was the first Chevy to acquire the SS designation.

GM has been loud about becoming all-electric in the coming years for quite some time.

According to Chevy, the automobile should be available in the spring of 2023.

We might expect the vehicle's full formal reveal around 2022.

GM builds all of its new electric vehicles on the Ultium vehicle chassis and powers them with Ultium battery cells to improve range and performance.

We anticipate the Blazer will be more expensive than some of their smaller, gas-guzzling vehicles.

Hopefully, the SS will be here to stay this time, and we believe it will be.