Towing a trailer reduces range because the added weight and drag from pulling something massive forces your vehicle to work harder.

While internal combustion engines dominate the towing industry, electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent on the road.

Bowlus, a luxury travel trailer company, hitched one of its trailers to a 2022 Tesla Model X to test how much of a range penalty buyers can expect.

According to Bowlus, the Model X drove 235 miles with the trailer in tow.

This is, predictably, less than the 330-mile range of the Tesla Model X.

However, this 29 percent loss in the range isn't as bad as expected, given the conditions.

The Bowlus Terra Firma trailer weighs 3200 pounds and spans over 26 feet.

Bowlus claims this test was carried out in the same manner as the EPA's range tests.

This mixed driving should reasonably represent what you may expect from your Tesla Model X when towing this specific trailer.

This is very welcome news for anyone considering moving from an internal combustion tow truck to a battery-electric vehicle.