Svitch MotoCorp is introducing its first electric motorcycle, the Svitch CSR 752, at Rs 1.65 lakh.

They have already finished internal testing and are seeking certification from Indian authorities before officially unveiling the bike.

Here's a rundown of all the essential details regarding this new model.

The Svitch CSR 762 is powered by a 3kW mid-mounted motor that provides 10kW of peak output.

The bike has a top speed of 110 Kmph, which is significantly faster than the maximum speed of the Revolt RV400.

The motorcycle is powered by a 3 kW PMS (Permanent Magnet Synchronous) motor and a 3.7kWh battery.

The battery will give you a full range of 120Km, 30 km lower than the ARAI claimed mileage Revolt RV400.

The CSR 762 will include six riding modes, including parking, reverse, and a specific sports mode.

According to Svitch, the suitcase-like form makes battery replacement simple for its passengers.

The electric motorcycle will have a 5-inch TFT crisp display to monitor the riding modes and other bike functions.

In Delhi, the ex-showroom pricing of the RV Revolt 400 is roughly 1,34,998.

The Svitch CSR 762 is scheduled to hit the road in July or August 2022