Royal Enfield Levi’s 511 Pro: Royal Enfield Riding jeans Review

By Motogear Review

Sunday 25 September 2022

Royal Enfield has collaborated with fashion brand Levi's to introduce riding trousers for bike riders.

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The popular models you can buy are the 511 Slim Fit and 512 Slim Tapered Fit denim.

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Both models are designed for a safe riding experience with a premium comfort feel.

The 512 comprises Cordura fabric and the  Lycra for added stretchability.

You can find the Levi's and RE branding on the waist.

The 512 also has nee armor knee armor, accessed from outside.

Though the zippers are not as robust as in other riding pants.

The 511 comes with knee and hip armour pockets.

Both the royal Enfield trousers are more suitable for city use.

For off-roading and sport riding, you need more specialized equipment.

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