RJ Scaringe, the CEO of Rivian, has hinted at yet another new feature for the R1T electric pickup vehicle geared toward outdoor adventures.

By turning off screens and activating floodlights, Camp Mode will prepare vehicles for overnight stays in the wilderness.

Camp mode automatically adjusts the suspension when the car is parked on a slope to create a flat sleeping surface.

According to Scaringe, the new Mode is still in beta testing but will be available in the company's upcoming (OTA) update.

Through OTA updates, Rivian has already given customers new features, such as a Pet Comfort Mode, Soft Sand driving mode, and Show and Tell Mode.

While the car is in the park, the external lights and the inside screens remain continuously in Show and Tell Mode.

However, owners operating their cars as Rivian intended may find the automatic leveling in Camp Mode especially helpful.

The functionality might be even more helpful for those thinking about using a topper or bed-mounted tent with the R1T.

The R1T also has a slide-out gear tunnel behind the cab to accommodate an all-electric camp kitchen.