The stripped-down' designs of the 2021 Indian Scout Bobber and the 2012 Triumph Street Triple R are different.

Despite having distinct looks and designs, naked bikes and bobbers share significant similarities in their ethe.

The 2012 Triumph Street Triple R and the 2012 Indian Scout Bobber have liquid-cooled engines and 6-speed transmissions.

The Indian is significantly lower than the Triumph, and the Scout Bobber is 2.2" shorter than the Street Triple R.

The lower center of gravity of Scout Bobber partially helps to conceal the weight and increase stability.

However, the Triumph Street Triple R begins to excel when the road becomes winding.

The Triumph Street Triple R seat is more supportive than the seat of the Indian Scout Bobber for comfort over long distances.

Due to its reduced curb weight, the Triumph Street Triple R accelerates more swiftly than the Scout

The starting price for the Triple R is $10,800, while the Bobber starts at $10,999.

The Triple R is more balanced and a better all-around performer.

While the Indian Scout Bobber trades some comfort for more elegance and performance.