The electric Harley-Davidson has become a reality, while it was a dream a few years back.

The LiveWire One has been the torch bearer as it is the updated sibling of the original Harley Livewire.

Though EVs are the future of automotive, range anxiety is a great concern.

Image Courtesy : @Flyin18T @Twitter

After evaluating the range of the 2022 LiveWire One on roads and in cities, we can say you are there!

Those unfamiliar with EVs might find it odd that the LiveWire One has more range in the city than on the highway.

In highway mixing conditions, the bike can use its regenerative braking to increase battery range.

Also, the in sport and Range modes regen become more efficient, allowing one to ride without brakes.

So, talking about the range of 2022 LiveWire One, its 123 miles in cities which is better than Harley claims.

According to a user, LiveWire One clocked a real-world range of 99 miles on highways.