Hosts such as hotels, towns, and even certain auto dealerships provide free EV charging to attract travelers.

Unless you have a local buddy, you'll need an app or mobile guide to find these free EV charging stations.

PlugShare is a one-stop-shop for all EV drivers, acting as a competent friend.

Plugshare is accessible in both app and desktop versions. 

The app is a crowdsourcing platform that lists almost every free charging option available.

The PlugShare app made it simple to locate a Plugshare Free Charging Station.

When looking for charging stations, choose the connector type of your electric vehicle and deselect the "Payment Required" or "Requires Fees" option.

The app will display Plugshare free charging sites where you may charge your electric vehicle.

Plugshare listing data is as good as the person who entered it and the EV drivers who added to the listing after visiting the region.

Users can offer comments on their charging experience via check-ins, a helpful feature of Plugshare.