Okinawa Autotech and the Italian firm Tacita have joined hands to capture the fast-growing Indian electric vehicle market.

They will produce electric performance motorcycles to meet the growing demand for electric motorcycles.

Tacita will build the car, with Okinawa providing significant input on what to look for in terms of safety, comfort, and style.

Okinawa will contribute to the local manufacture of new products, while Tacita will provide the controller, motor, battery packs, and BMS.

Tacita, an Italian firm, was founded in 2009 to design and manufacture revolutionary and one-of-a-kind electric and performance motorcycles. 

Inspired by the Goddess of Silence, Tacita creates motorcycles that respect the environment and riders.

The Okinawa electric bike is scheduled to be released as a renovated version of the Tacita T-Cruise Urban.

The Okinawa Electric Bike is expected to launch in India within the first half next year.