Greta Electric Scooters, the most recent newcomer in this market, has introduced four new electric scooters.

Greta is the Raj Electromotives brand specialising in converting pedal-powered bicycles, rickshaws, tricycles, and bikes to electric vehicles.

Greta's four scooters are the Harper, Harper ZX, Evespa, and Glide.

Each model has a distinct body style and comes in various colours.

The Harper and Harper ZX have a sporty appearance with a wide front apron, crisp body panels, and elegant turn signals.

The Harper comes with a dual headlamp, while Harper Zx comes with a single headlamp.

Other features on both scooters, including the handlebar cowl, rearview mirrors, and seat, are the same.

With the addition of a backrest in both, the scooters made the journey more comfortable for the pillion.

Vespa is another Greta Electric model with a retro-style look very similar to Piazzio Vespa.

Glide, the fourth scooter, appears to be a futuristic one

The Glide features unibody construction and a circular headlamp on the front apron.

Greta electric scooters are priced at Rs 60k and Rs 92k on the domestic market.