India's first Dual Sport Electric Motorcycle Veloc-e is set to Launch

The development of the Dual Sport Electric Motorcycle has created a paradigm shift in adventure biking.

The first Indian-made Dual Sport Electric Motorcycle Veloc-e from Barrel Motors is ready to hit the dirt.

Image Courtesy @Barrel Exhaust 

The Bangalore-based start-up Barrel Motors have designed the Electric Motorcycle Veloc-e.

The electric bike will be going to be launched in India on 2024

Image Courtesy @Barrel Exhaust

The Parent company Barrel Motors will do a series of development and testing over the next one and half years before the launch.

Image Courtesy @Barrel Exhaust

Dual Sport Electric Motorcycle Veloc-e will have a range of 150 Km on a single charge.

Image Courtesy : @Twitter

Barrel Motors also plans to pitch the Veloc-e to the defense ministry for border patrolling.

The Veloce dual sport electric bike will be available in two variants.

Image Courtesy @Barrel Exhaust

Barrel Motors has targeted a sector in which India currently has no competition.

The Veloc-e might end up being our response to the Zero FXE offered in the West.

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