Several teaser images and videos suggest that Hyundai's N performance division's future is electric.

Hyundai's N performance division has released teasers on social media today in anticipation of its N Day 2022 event on July 14.

We expect the event will centre on electric performance vehicles, such as the Ioniq 5 and freshly released Ioniq 6 models.

According to a video teaser posted on the Hyundai N Worldwide YouTube page, the event will be centred on electric vehicles.

The distinct pop and burble of a combustion engine are replaced by a more futuristic, electric sound in the video.

Tweets and Instagram posts accompanied the new Ioniq 6 electric four-door coupe's unusual pixelated taillight strip beneath a vast, wing-type spoiler.

The second image shows a more oversized, longer vehicle silhouette with a stretched hood and coupe proportions.

The third teaser shows a track scene with a hazy Performance Blue N vehicle.

Though unclear, it may be a more powerful 5 N Ioniq.

The Hyundai N Day 2022 presentation is set to begin on July 14.