Modern automobiles are essentially computers on wheels because of their extensive technological features.

But just like a smartphone or home computer, cars also run the risk of breaching your privacy 

Before selling or trading a computer, tablet, or smartphone, users should delete all personal data from those devices.

Modern automobiles, which contain sensitive personal data, are no different.

Account names and passwords, bank account details, and credit card numbers are a few examples of personal information that might be kept in your car.

How do I get my car's personal information off of it?

Follow these instructions to delete your personal information before you sell or trade-in your car:

Log out of every mobile app integrated with a smartphone or connected to your car.

Ensure your account names and passwords don't automatically populate when you log in again.

Remove all Bluetooth device pairings.

Ensure that a vehicle's removable media storage—like an SD card reader—is empty.

Good luck, and be cautious while selling or trading in your car to prevent privacy invasion, identity theft, and other frauds.