Electric two-wheelers are gaining popularity all across the globe due to the rising fuel prices.

Horwin, the Chinese electric vehicle maker, has unveiled an improved version of the SK3 electric scooter in its home market.

The Horwin SK3  seems identical to its European version on the outside, but it has some significant changes behind the hood.

The SK3 has been modified to include a larger 72V 36Ah lithium-ion battery pack that powers a 3.1kW motor.

The peak power output of this powerplant is 6.3 kW. (8.5 bhp). A second battery pack can increase the current range from 160 kilometers to 300 kilometers by adding a second battery pack.

Unlike most electric scooters, the Horwin SK3 features a clean and crisp design inspired by Maxi scooters.

A luggage mounting rack or a pannier box with a pillion backrest will be the best fit in place of a clunky single-piece grab rail.

The Horwin SK3 is equipped with a twin LED headlamp cluster in the front. 

The top speed of this electric scooter has been limited to 90 kmph. Customers will receive an 8A charger as standard from Horwin.