If you need to buy a retro Motorcycle in India, what should you buy?

The Honda CB350 or Royal Enfield Meteor 350?

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When we talk about retro motorcycles, the first thing we keep in mind is the design.

From this perspective, Honda has done a fantastic job and equally competes with Meteor 350.

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The CB 350 RS is more of a Retro look than Meteor, which the young generation likes.

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Meteor fits into the cruiser category more perfectly, along with a little less budget than CB 350.

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The Royal Enfield has a vibe with its super refined and powerful J series engine, which is already tested.

Honda has a lot of things to do with its engine refinement.

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Regarding fuel efficiency, CB 350 and Meteor almost run neck and neck, and Meteor is slightly ahead with 40 Km/l mileage.

If you love torque and pickup, you have to consider CB 350 as it has 30 Nm torque compared to 27 Nm of Meteor.

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But if you prefer riding comfort and long-distance cruising, you must go with Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

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Which is the best Retro? Royal Enfield Meteor or Honda Hness CB350