Ford just declared that the 2023 Maverick would begin taking orders in September.

Ford's well-known Tremor package is included with the 2023 pickup. What makes that such a big deal, though?

The Tremor Off-Road Package combines an aesthetic upgrade with improved off-road performance.

It's an optional feature for the 2023 Ford Maverick XLT and Lariat versions.

The addition of Trail Control will significantly facilitate the Tremor Maverick's ability to embark on new excursions.

Let's quickly review what Trail Control is and why it matters.

The driver can set a speed for off-road driving using Trail Control.

The vehicle then maintains that speed while the driver navigates challenging terrain by controlling the throttle and brakes.

At significantly slower speeds, it functions in a way that is similar to cruise control.

The Maverick's ride height is increased by one inch, enhancing the vehicle's approach, departure angles, and ground clearance.

Trail Control helps you navigate more challenging terrain by stopping you from moving too quickly or losing control.

The 2023 Ford Maverick XLT or Lariat trim levels' MSRP increases by $2,995 with the Tremor Off-Road Package.