Greta Electric has recently launched the ZX series of Greta Harper Electric Scooters.

We will discuss all the features of this electric scooter. We also see whether the scooter stands out from rivals like Ather or Ola.

You can get the scooter at Rs 39999/- at a Rs 2000/- discount the company offers.

But that's not all the story. You need to buy the charger and battery separately.

The company offers you four bundled packages from which you can select the battery according to your choice.

The battery package ranges from 17000 to 31000, and battery power goes between (48v/60v - 24-30Ah).

The Greta Harper Electric Scooter is loaded with all the latest features, which all the ev players are offering now.

You will get an anti-theft alarm system, LCD digital instrument console, cruise control, keyless operation, and a USB port.

With an impressive fast charging time of 3 hours and 100 km, the Greta Harper Electric Scooter is a good option for city commuters.