Ather 450X is the quickest electric scooter in India; the Future Electron Pro Max has the maximum torque in the industry at 260 Nm.

Today we will compare the Future Electron Pro Max VS Ather 450X scooters and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

The Electron Pro Max has three variations, while the Ather 450X has two, 450 plus, and 450X.

The Electron Pro has a range of 100 kilometers with a single battery, while the Ather 450 Plus has a range of 70 kilometers in eco mode.

The Electron Pro Max has a tested range of 180 km on a single charge, while the Ather 450X has a range of only 80 km on a full charge.

Compared to the future electron pro's more robust and bolder appearance, the Ather 450X is softer.

Both scooters have LED headlights. LED turn indicators are there heretheretAther 450X and the Electron Pro Max.

The Ather 450X has a 2.9kWh IP67 battery pack, whereas the electron pro max has a 5.4kWh heat-protected battery.

The Ather 450X battery takes 5 hours 45 minutes to charge from 0 to 100, whereas the Pro Max battery takes 4-5 hours.

The boot space in Ather 450X is 22 liters, while Electron Pro max comes with a much larger size boot space of 30 liters.

The Electron Pro Max has ex-showroom pricing of Rs 1,79,990, while the Ather 450X has an ex-showroom price of Rs 1.50 lakh in Delhi.

Despite the high price, the Electron Pro Max is still a better option than the Ather 450X, considering the massive range and dual battery pack.

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