The blue oval's social media team shared a video showing the date 6.1.2022 on its Instagram and Facebook feeds.

It appears to be a flapping sheet of carbon fibre weave material.

The use of carbon fibre nearly usually points to high-performance automobiles.

The third critical piece of information is that the manufacturer updated its Instagram user image to the Mustang's galloping horse logo.

Again, the mention of the model is a potential indicator of performance.

With the next-generation 2024 Mustang launch not planned until April 2023, it seemed premature to begin a teaser marketing for that model.

There's also could be the Mustang Mach-e, which is all-electric.

The carmaker may be considering a more powered version of Mustang to help build even more hype for the SUV.

It might be a more powerful version of the F-150 Raptor, with the super truck producing up to 760 horsepower.

The diversity of choices reflects Ford's opaque nature at this point, which may have backfired a little.