The Ford Maverick Pickup Truck has swept the automotive industry by launching its new power pact version of maverick 2022.

The electric pick has fuel efficiency, style, and functionality that do not require an expensive proposition.

For its $20,000 introductory price, the Maverick is a versatile and beautiful work vehicle with impressive towing and payload capacity.

It's challenging to overlook the 2022 Ford Maverick, packed with features and offers lots of internal and exterior space.

The base payload capacity of the Maverick is 1500 pounds, but the towing capability of the non-AWD model is only 2000 pounds.

The 2022 Ford Maverick is built on the Ford Bronco Sport, implying the two cars will have comparable driving dynamics.

Unlike the larger F-150, the Maverick has a unibody architecture that helps it maintain car-like driving qualities.

The car's suspension is inherently on the stiffer side for an easy carrying payload.

One of the Ford Maverick's most notable features is its excellent fuel economy.

Since its launch, the new little pickup has routinely outperformed its expected economy figures.