The Silent Revolution: Pm Modi inaugurates Suzuki's New EV Battery Plant

Pm Narendra Modi virtually laid the foundation stone of two EV factories in Hariyana and Gujrat.

Both factories belong to Maruti Suzuki.

Image Courtesy : Maruti Suzuki @Twitter

While addressing the crowd, PM Modi says we are heading towards a 'Silent EV Revolution.'

Image Courtesy : Maruti Suzuki @Twitter

This will help India to cut down on its carbon footprint.

Image Courtesy : Maruti Suzuki @Twitter

The new EV factory will manufacture advanced chemistry cell batteries for electric vehicles.

Another auto Giant Honda has partnered with LG to set up an EV battery factory in the US.

The Investment at the Gujrat EV factory is about 7300 crores.

The vehicle manufacturing site at Kharkhoda, Haryana, will produce 10 lakh passenger cars per month which is the largest in the world.