The city temporarily halts applications after the program's funding ran out less than a month ago.

Denver's popular e-bike rebate programme achieved its ceiling for reimbursements less than three weeks after its inception.

"There is a clear appetite for e-bikes, and for attempting a healthier and more sustainable way to travel around our lovely city," says Grace Rink, Denver's chief climate officer.

He added that our office's mission is to find climate solutions that benefit residents directly.

He also said they had achieved the mission. 

"Since the initiative debuted on Earth Day, the city has received 3,250 e-bike refund applications," according to the story.

Income-qualified applicants account for 40% of all applications, accounting for 55% of the program's funding.

Depending on the type of bike and income requirements, the scheme offered coupons for $400 or $1,200.