The BattRE Storie electric scooter comes with its latest brand Batte to venture into the market.

BattRE's EV portfolio boosts its pursuit of a greener future. Storie is a modern, feature-rich electric scooter.

The new BattRE Storie Electric Scooter is currently available for Rs 89,600.

Storie will soon be available through the company's 400 dealerships in 300 locations.

A Lucas TVS motor and controller power Storie is backed by an AIS 156 approved 3.1kWh battery pack.

The single charge range of the BattRE Storie is 132 Km.

It includes an intelligent speedometer with Bluetooth connectivity.

The intelligent dashboard of the scooter provides a call alert and other advanced features.

With its larger seats and footboards, BattRE Storie makes the city commute more comfortable.

Its robust metal panels are scratch-resistant, an extra layer of durability on shaky roads.

According to the company, the scooter will bridge the gap between the present and future of easier and greener mobility.