The Michigan Rider Education Program offers motorcycle rider education classes by public and private organizations certified by the Michigan Department of State.

The Michigan state government has assured the riders that they are getting quality training through a certified authority approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. 

For more information, riders need to contact the website for the class. Details or they can get the sponsor.

The tuition for the primary rider, essential three-wheel rider, returning rider basic rider, primary rider 2, and advanced rider course classes from public sponsors will cost $50 (non-refundable cost).

The government does not regulate the fees imposed by private sponsors for motorcycle rider education sessions.

Students need to check course prices, refunds, and no-show regulations before enrolling in a class.

The Michigan Rider Education Program offers three types of motorcycle rider education classes.

BRC – Basic Rider Course, Allows beginners to learn to ride and obtain their motorbike endorsement on a furnished motorcycle.

3WBRC – Three-Wheel Basic Rider Course, designed for beginners who want to learn to ride three-wheel motorcycles and get a specific three-wheel motorcycle license.

RRBRC – Returning Rider Basic Rider Course and BRC2 - Basic Rider Course.

Basic Rider Course 2 is for riders with some experience who want to brush up on their skills on their motorcycle and achieve the motorcycle endorsement. 

The ARC - Advanced Rider Course – is designed for experienced, endorsed riders who desire to improve their motorcycle riding skills.