This week, Bloomberg reported that Apple would be interested in buying failing EV startup Canoo, reigniting interest in the rumoured Apple automobile.

Apple might be interested in scooping up Canoo's engineering talent at a discount.

Bloomberg's story supports the rumour, backed by Ulrich Kranz, Canoo's previous CEO, who currently works on the rumoured Apple car project.

With speculation of an Apple automobile resurfacing, it seems fitting to dig more into the newest rumours.

Apple Car will be shaped like a minivan, with a big interior designed to be pleasant and spacious.

According to Apple sources, the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle prototype is quite close to their own designers' creation.

According to Bloomberg, the Apple Car will be wholly self-driving and not have a steering wheel or pedals.

The report also indicates that Apple realizes that full self-driving could be a lofty goal within a realistic timeframe.