The 2022 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands is the most capable off-road SUV.

The 2022 Ford Bronco Badlands starts at $33,360, slightly higher than the competing small SUVs, but the Blue Oval has plenty of goodies for this price.

Following the Bronco's long hiatus, several versions were auctioned off on eBay for twice their initial MSRP.

Tow hooks, bash plates, and roof rack side rails are standard on the Bronco Sport Badlands.

It has 8.8 inches of ground clearance and a wading depth of over two feet.

Trail Control and a terrain management system with seven GOAT (Go Over Any Terrain) modes are included, along with a front 180-degree camera.

Paddle shifters, remote keyless entry, and a FordPass Connect 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot Telematics Modem are standard on the Bronco Sport Badlands.

The Bronco Sport Badlands can tear along off-road trails, but it's also a good commuter SUV.

The Bronco Sport Badlands is vastly underappreciated since it is overshadowed by its more well-known sibling, the Ford Bronco.

If you desire a trail-ready SUV, the Blue Oval's smaller off-road SUV will not disappoint.