The 2023 G90 offers some extremely persuasive justifications for choosing Korean over the industry veterans.

Genesis designed the G90 intending to stand out louder than the typical S-Class or 7 Series.

The G90's illumination is attractive during the day, but it stands out at night.

The G90 is incredibly fascinating for various reasons, including its lights.

The pop-out door handle may be quickly pulled out to show an outstanding blend of traditional and modern characteristics.

Another notable feature is undoubtedly the two-spoke steering wheel's 3D design.

Driving the G90 is satisfying as well. The brake pedal can be sensitive, but every other control is direct enough.

The standard 8-speed automatic transmission changes with almost any lag in either direction and is buttery smooth.

Five USB-C connections with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included as standard.

The G90 is still a remarkable value compared to its rivals.

The starting price of a 2023 G90 is $89,495; the higher trim costs $99,795.

The 2023 G90 should be a good contender with a superb standard kit and an even more amazing ride.