Rivian's R1T featured all-electric performance in a new design. The R1S SUV is now available. Is it equally innovative?

The R1T is the ideal solution for many EV enthusiasts for its power and wide range.

Both the Rivians appear nearly identical from the front up to the driver's seat.

The dash, interior design, and seating position are all identical.

Power in R1S is provided by four electric motors, one each corner, 

The 2022 R1s have a marginal advantage of 316 miles on a single charge as opposed to 314 for the R1T.

Despite the striking resemblance, there are several significant distinctions.

The R1S SUV is over 16 inches shorter than the truck, with a 14-inch shorter wheelbase.

Despite its short stature, the R1S has provision for the third row of seats.

Some options are missing in the infotainment system. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are absent in r1s 2022.

The base R1S 2022 starts at $73,575, plus $1,075 for destination.

The performance of the 2022 Rivian R1S does not disappoint, and it features the same high-end, distinctive look as the R1T.