The legendary Sportster enters a new chapter inside the 2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster a classic cruiser bike..

Since 1957, the Sportser has been a Heritage with a rich history.

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The Nightster comes with a Max 975T powertrain, which produces 100 hp power and 70 ft. lbs of peak torque.

The Nightster offers a blank canvas for imagination and customization, which the Harley riders can find exciting!

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The Bike is much lighter, with just 21 kg Kerb weight, which makes handling the Bike much easier for smoother.

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With a super low height of 705 mm, the Harley Nightster provides a comfortable seat with decent cushioning.

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You can ride the Bike in all weather conditions thanks to its 3 riding modes: Sports, Rain, and Road.

The 2022 Harley-Davidson Nightster starts at just over $13499 in the US and almost 12955 pounds in the UK.

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Is this a worthy successor in the Sportster lineup? besides being similar, there is a lot of difference in riding...

You will find the 2022 Harley Nightster much lighter and more powerful.

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2022 Harley Davidson Nightster review