The Genesis GV80 is the SUV that has generated the most buzz in the premium automotive industry.

In comparison to the generic X5, the GV80 appears nearly ornate 

The BMW can round the city without being seen, whereas the GV80 was intended to make an entrance.

The Genesis provides extra legroom within the cabin despite having a shorter length and wheelbase.

The X5's interior, on the other hand, has a much more open, roomy, and pleasant feeling for passengers up front.

The X5 is tailored for daily and spirited driving, while the GV80 is tuned for comfort.

The BMW has exceptional technology and a gripping drive.

Even if the plug-in leaves you short a row of seats, the X5 cannot compete with the GV80's in-cabin luxury experience.

The 2022 Genesis GV80 MSRP is $49,700, whereas the 2022 BMW X5 starts at $59,400.

The X5 plug-in only makes sense if you genuinely desire a plug-in SUV because it shines in that category.

But the GV80 is a clear choice if you want a car that's easy to drive, luxurious, comfy, and well-equipped.