The 2022 Genesis G90 and 2022 Mercedes S-Class both represent the premium sedans of their respective brands.

Even without the Maybach versions, the 2022 S-Class remains a luxury standard despite its high price.

Despite becoming a luxury newcomer, Genesis has already established itself as a formidable competitor.

The Mercedes S-Class, a gold standard among luxury vehicles, is one of the most formidable rivals for the Genesis G90.

Does the S-Class retain its position as the luxury leader for 2022, or does the G90 usurp it?

The G90 is far less expensive than the S-Class, has many standard features, a high safety rating, and a fashionable style.

The S-Class has a well-established reputation in the world of luxury automobiles based on quality, comfort, and technology.

Speaking of pricing, the 2022 S 580 Executive Line is comparable to two G90 5.0 AWDs and costs nearly $150,000

Though the G90 offers similar refinement to the S 500 yet is much less expensive.

Even though the 2022 Genesis G90 is a good luxury vehicle, it falls short of the Mercedes S-Class in terms of quality.