The Electrified G80 replaces Genesis' midsize sedan's gas-fed mechanical parts with a competent EV powertrain.

Both provide incredible technology and more excellent style, but which Ford EV is superior and better suited to your driving habits?

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, with a starting price of $41,669, is one of Ford's most powerful pickup trucks.

The F-150 Lightning's official towing capability will be 7,700 pounds with the Standard-Range battery and 10,000 pounds with the Extended-Range battery.

With a starting price of $43,895, the 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E is a performance-oriented vehicle.

The rear-wheel-drive Mustang has 290 horsepower, while the all-wheel-drive Mustang has 346 horsepower.

Personal preference will determine which Ford EV is superior. 

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning EV can be used as a working truck while providing all of the benefits of an EV.

The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning is the most excellent choice for towing capacity and maximum torque.

The 2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E is the best choice for style, comfort, and superior torque.

Either option pulls drivers into the future, with high-tech, zero-emissions vehicles that can be powered at home.