The ford maverick hybrid is a highly anticipated pickup truck.

So, does the ford maverick hybrid live up to the hype?

The Ford maverick 2022 is available with two engines. 

You can get either a 2 liter or a 2.5 liter naturally aspired engine in a ford maverick hybrid.

Whether powered by a gasoline engine or an electric motor, the Ford Maverick hybrid is a fun car to drive.

Going up a hill or merging onto a long highway, maverick 2022 does not seem like huffing and puffing.

The towing capacity of EcoBoost is 4000 pounds which is double of the maverick hybrid. But the hybrid is more economical.

The hybrid battery is partially recharged by the engine and partly by the regenerative braking.

The 2022 ford maverick is a crossover SUV, very straightforward and simple to use.

The Ford maverick 2022 hybrid starts at $26900 CAD and XLT $34975 CAD

The ford maverick hybrid is not only practical and efficient but also the least expensive car you can get right now in 2022.