Top 7 waterproof riding pants you can buy online in India 2022

Top 7 waterproof riding pants you can buy online in India 2022

Owning a pair of the best waterproof riding pants is necessary if you are a rider or a non-rider planning a bike trip. To get to your destination dry and protected while riding in the rain, it is not only necessary to drive carefully but also that your clothing is waterproof. 

A unique membrane in waterproof motorcycle pants provides excellent moisture protection and high comfort. These have a replaceable Gore-Tex or Hyper-Tex membrane or a retrofitting water-resistant outer layer.

Top 7 waterproof riding pants you can buy online

The best waterproof riding pants should have a stylish cut in addition to waterproof and breathability ratings that can endure the heaviest downpours throughout the toughest workouts. 

It can sometimes be expensive, but if you invest in the appropriate pair, they’ll significantly improve your riding comfort. While finding a product that satisfies your requirements, such as protection, safety, or style, is undoubtedly challenging. 

So, in today’s article, we’ll show you the most useful and best waterproof riding pants and also go over the styles that are now in demand.

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Best 7 waterproof riding pants

Fox Racing Men’s Ranger 3L Water Pant

A thin, three-layer design with comprehensive waterproof, windproof, and breathable properties keeps the elements out. 

Among the best and most dependable techniques is the ratchet waist adjustment. However, it might not be ideal for winter as Fox’s material is naturally cool because of its excellent ventilation. To purchase these waterproof riding pants or to know more about them, visit Amazon. 

Gore C5 Gore-Tex Pant

These waterproof riding pants use a Gore-Tex fabric to fend off the elements; the Gore C5 undoubtedly has a more classic waterproof trouser feel. 

When riding, the Active line from Gore-Tex blends into the background since it is quieter and softer than the standard model. There is plenty of space for pads or if you want to wear them as an emergency outer layer.

gore c5 gore-tex active trail pants

The waterproofing and breathability are excellent. The lack of considerable tailoring and the articulated knee combine to provide a loose fit that does flap in the wind. 

There is also a special small inside key pocket, which is a nice touch, and the bum panel receives significant reinforcement without adding too much weight.

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Madison DTE Men’s 3-Layer Waterproof Trousers

To combat the challenging elements, Madison created these waterproof riding pants to handle the dank. The DTE seems to follow the overbuilt approach.

The inner thighs, bum panel, and knees all receive additional reinforcement to provide an extra layer of protection against the mud while remaining robust for collisions. 

This robust structure comes with a price: weight and higher-than-average operating temperatures. Besides, you can customize the fit with the help of adjustable straps around the calves, and a double-popper waist fastener keeps things safe and straightforward.

Altura Nevis III (3) Overtrousers

The Nevis Overtrousers, which are far less expensive than any other option, is a wonderful alternative for individuals looking for weatherproof overtrousers at an affordable price or for those who want a dependable packable emergency layer. 

The design is relatively simple, with an elastic waist, a straightforward Velcro tabbed ankle, and no pockets, vents, or other features.

The fit and appearance are good and tailored, which may have additional effects on paint rub. Compared to the more expensive choices, the Nevis pants’ running a temperature is substantially warmer, and the water will pass through faster thanks to the 10k/10k fabric specification.

Patagonia Dirt Roamer Storm Pant

It has a hyper-waterproof three-layer H2No performance layer. Due to the perfect fit, the curved knee fits exceptionally well with pads, and the waistline never digs in a while hunched over during lengthy, steep climbs. 

When it comes to padding, a long lower leg zip allows you to easily slip on the pants without removing your shoes, which is perfect if you plan to use them as a packable outer layer. 

Patagonia waterproof riding pants

It is a bit costly, but if you’re going into challenging wilderness regions, you’ll be grateful for the severe degrees of weather protection by the Patagonia Dirt Roamer Storm Pants.

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Endura MT500 Waterproof Cycling Pants II

You can comfortably ride a bike in the worst weather with the Endura MT500 waterproof riding pants. It has a superior fit, a completely dialed cut, and the market’s highest waterproof and breathability ratings. 

ExoShell40DR fabric, which provides a market-leading balance of breathability and waterproofing, is used in the construction, along with a high-wicking mesh lining and a robust laminated outer shell.

For further defense against the outdoors, seam tape is used to join the layers together. The materials utilized also have four-way flexibility, allowing for unfettered movement on the trail, which is greatly welcomed if you plan to wear pads underneath. Furthermore, you can get it online from Amazon.

Troy Lee Designs Resist Pant

It has features specific to damp weather. The stealthy design is made from a multi-stretch waterproof fabric that is then treated with an environmentally friendly water repellent coating and contains fully taped seams to keep you dry and comfortable when the skies open. 

It allows the water to bead off, continuously leaving you dry and comfortable. Moreover, two front vents offer just enough cold air flow if you become hot, and the well-designed reinforced seat surface ensures durability against rough saddles. Visit Amazon to get these waterproof riding pants.

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Final words

Choosing the proper gear kit is not always simple, especially if you are a novice rider. However, as you know, safety is the most critical factor when purchasing any motorcycle equipment. 

To protect your legs from abrasions that may occur in an accident, ensure any riding pants you choose to have all the safety features. 

In contrast, specialized waterproof riding pants with a Gore-Tex membrane allow water vapor to pass through while simultaneously repelling water from the surface. 

Because of this quality, waterproof motorcycle trousers are adaptable and useful for daily usage in urban settings, on the road, and during lengthy trips without compromising safety. At last, we hope you found this article to be helpful. Happy shopping, and travel well.

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