Top 3 Vega Helmets for ladies within 1500 (Ultimate Review) 2022

vega helmets for ladies

Top 3 Vega Helmets for ladies within 1500 (Ultimate Review) 2022

Hi, Today I will let you select from 3 top vega helmets for ladies available at the amazon marketplace in India. If you are riding on Indian roads and want to enjoy your riding with the most comfortable helmet which also gives you ultimate safety, then your hunt for a perfect helmet ends in this article.


The days were gone when ladies’ helmets used to be dull and looked stereotypical, now you can find the lady’s helmets stylish, sleek, and extremely comfortable. Riding a scooter or motorcycle for a woman is not just passionate riding but also quintessential.


Riding a motorcycle or a scooter nowadays has become an exclusive experience for both men & women. The experience of liberation & self freedom while riding can’t be expressed within a few words, and with this feel-good atmosphere, you can’t compromise safety & security at any cost.


But with meeting top-class security and safety standards you don’t need to compromise with style and design. You will find the helmets lighter, compact, sleek, and comes with different style statements. 


So, if you are looking for some elegant and feature-packed vega helmets for ladies then, you have come to the perfect place. I will take to some of India’s finest ladies’ Lady’s Helmets available in the online marketplace.

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Factors to consider while buying Vega Helmets for ladies within 1500

Vega is the leading manufacturer of ladies helmets in India. Ladies Helmet Vega price ranges between 900 to 3000 based on your choice and budget. Vega Helmets India is known for its best designed & fully packed security features along with stylish looks.


While going to online marketplace you may get confused in selecting the best vega helmets for ladies among the variety of helmets. But don’t worry I have listed the following points for you to make your work easier so that you check this and confirm before buying any ladies helmet for your choice. 

  • At first you should check your head size & shape and decide to buy the helmet according to that
  • Definitely look for ISI certification as in India helmets without this certification are banned for sale.
  • Look for a good scratch resistance visor

PRO TIP : Buy a helmet slightly larger than your head specially if you are wearing a bun or a ponytail.

Key features for selecting a Vega Helmets for ladies

Now it’s time to go to the marketplace and review our picks for today. For your convenience I have picked up 3 best vega helmets for ladies and also picked up the favourite Pink Helmet for Ladies.


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Vega Crux Open Face Black Helmet-M

Vega Helmets new Model

The Vega Crux Open Face Black Helmet comes with high Impact ABS Material Shell with texture finish which looks quite stylish and compact. The helmet comes with 3 color options Black, Red & White.

  • ISI certified (IS no : IS 4151:2015 and CM/L no.: 2572055)

  • The inner liner is removable & washable with optional pads of various thickness.

  • Optical polycarbonate UV resistant & Scratch resistant visor 

  • Quick release visor mechanism

  • Weight 1000±50gms
  • The helmet comes with metallic quick release silent buckle.
  • I has 1 top & 2 back exhaust vents
  • Equipped with a stylish sun peak
  • Visor available in clear, smoke, mercury & smoke variants.

The helmet is excellent for daily use. Its price range is within Rs 900/- in amazon. The features within this price range makes the helmet a perfect choice within this price range.

Vega Verve Burgundy Helmet-M

Vega Helmets for ladies within 1500

The Vega Verve Burgundy Helmet-M helmet comes with a high impact ABS impact material shell with removable and washable lining. The helmet also comes with odor resistance which helps the helmet stay fresher between the cleaning.

  • High Impact ABS Material Shell
  • ISI Certified
  • Scratch resistant & UV resistant visor with optical  polycarbonate.

  • Quick release visor mechanism .

  • The helmet comes with 1 top & 2 back exhaust vents.

The Verve variant Vega Helmets India provides superior comfort, safety and styling to women riders. This makes the helmet an ideal purchase in this price segment. The helmet gives the rider an enhanced comfort  with increased movement and less neck strain.


This Vega Verve open-face helmet features a high-impact ABS plastic shell with an adjustable, quick-release buckle for a precise fit.

Vega Cruiser W/P Pink Helmet-M

Vega Helmets for ladies within 1500 2022

The Vega Cruiser helmet comes with 12 color variants and two size options in amazon marketplace. The helmet is ISI certified and comes with High Impact ABS Material Shell.

  • High Impact ABS material shell construction

  • Removable and washable lining along with odor resistant.

  • Metallic Quick release silent buckle.
  • The visor comes with a stylish stylish sun peak.
  • Quick Release Visor with UV resistant and Scratch resistant . Optical polycarbonate.

You can keep the helmet comfortably under the seat of your scooty. The helmet fits into every scooty brand be it hero, aprila, tvs or honda.

Few points that makes the helmet unbeaten and best seller within its price range.The helmet looks very stylish and strong as well.

In order to fit the helmet perfectly within your head , please measure your head first and then order the helmet. The helmet has a lock hole which is an awesome addition in this helmet. The peak in this helmet helps to stop the sun rays also.

The glossy color of the helmet looks stylish. For checking the genuinity of its certification you can visit the  BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) site and got to > product certification > online information > Application/License related > status of licenses > license no > IS 4151:2015 and CM/L no.: 1650145

Overall this is definitely a good value for money helmet at this price and consider this as one of the best Vega helmets for ladies, if your budget is below 1000/-

I have provided a direct buy link to buy the helemet from amazon below.

Conclusion Vega Helmets for ladies within 1500

Let’s talk about Vega Helmets India and their operations in India. Vega Auto Accessories Pvt. Ltd, India was incorporated in 1982 and since then they have accrued a significant market share especially in the ladies helmet segment.


Currently Vega is using fiberglass and carbon fiber technology in their helmets.Currently vega has 3 well equipped manufacturing setups in India.


In terms of design, padding, shell quality and visor the Vega Cruiser & Verve variants come with full balanced combinations along with good amount of cushion and ventilation.


The helmets are comfortable to wear and light weight and most importantly these are perfect for girls & ladies.


Placing a flexible tape measure around your head is a good idea. The tape measure should be about an inch above your brows and go just over your ears around your head. Some helmets have a sizing chart that ranges from extra-small to extra-large.

MIPS stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection and is a ‘ingredient’ safety technology used by over 120 helmet manufacturers. Around 729 MIPS helmets were on the market in 2020, with 7.3 million units sold.

Take notice of any pressure spots on your forehead while trying on a helmet; this is an indication that the helmet is excessively round. The presence of pressure points on the sides of your skull indicates that your helmet is too oval for your head shape.

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