Top 5 Super Cool Open Face Helmet for Girls to buy Online in India

Top 5 Super Cool Open Face Helmet for Girls

Top 5 Super Cool Open Face Helmet for Girls to buy Online

On Indian roads, the girls are now in a super trend with lots of colorful scooty with designer helmets. Today in this article, I will take through some of India’s top 5 super cool helmets for girls, which you can buy online.

Riding for girls nowadays has become a necessity and has become a style statement with the emerging designer graphics and other safety features. But the basic thing that we should keep in mind is whether we are buying helmets for girls or boys, never compromise with safety and security.

The Factors to Consider while Selecting Best Helmet for Girls

As there is an increased demand for durable and stylish helmets, the marketplace is also filled with many brands. If you go to amazon now, it isn’t easy to select a perfect helmet among lots of options available.

Before purchasing a helmet for girls you should always look for the following points.


  • The helmet should fit into your head comfortably, not very loose or tight
  • The helmet should be lightweight and easy to carry and also perfectly fit within your vehicle box.
  • The helmet should come with multipore vents for easy air circulation.
  • Check whether comes with Quick Release Micrometric buckle

PRO TIP : Try to buy a helmet one size bigger than your head. It will give you a comfortable feeling even if you are wearing helmets on long rides.

Key Features of a Open Face Helmet for Girls

Let’s start with a detailed review of our best five cool open face helmets for girls. For your convenience, I have picked up five best selling products within the price range of Rs 1500 from amazon. I have also tried to select these helmets based on various styling, sizes and colour options so that you can choose your best pick among a variety of choices.

Steelbird SBA-6 7Wings ABS Material Shell Gravity Open Face Helmet

5 Super Cool Open Face Helmet for Girls

The Steelbird ISI Certified SBA-6 7Wings open face helmet for girls helmet comes with a high impact abs material shell and breathable padding with neck protector. 

You can find this helmet on amazon with lots of color options and two size variants. Let’s see some more features of this helmet.

  • Comes with high impact ABS material shell

  • Hygienic interior with multi pore for better ventilation.

  • Quick release Metric Buckle

  • Italian design

  • Breathable padding

Steelbird SBH-24 Boxx ABS Open Face Unisex Helmet

Steelbird SBH-24 Boxx ABS Open Face Unisex Helmet

Steelbird SBH-24 Boxx ABS Open Face Unisex Helmet comes with almost the same features as SBA-6. The outer wall comes with high-impact ABS material, as this is an open-face helmet; hence you can use this helmet not only for girls but as a family helmet.

You can find this helmet at a discounted price (1200-1400), and you get Matt Battle Green color with Clear Visor. Lets check for 

  • High Impact ABS material shell
  • ISI certified
  • Quick release Micro metric buckle
  • Hygenic interior with multi pore for better ventilation and comfort

Steelbird SBH-5 VIC Female High Impact ABS Material Shell

Steelbird SBH-5 helmet for girls

The Steelbird SBH-5 VIC Female helmet for girls comes with High-Density EPS (Thermocol) to enhance safety and polycarbonate hard coated visor.

The helmet looks very stylish and compact in look, and the helmet can easily take away your attention in one go.

  • Shell made of high-impact ABS material

  • This is an open-faced helmet with an anti-theft ring.

  • The helmet has a high-end hygienic interior with breathable padding for long-term comfort.
  • The visor is composed of polycarbonate and features a long, hard-coated cheek pad for added comfort.

Studds Nano Open Face Helmet (White and Purple, S)

Studds Marshall Open Face Helmet for girls

Studds Marshall is the only product from Studds on my list here. The Studds Nano comes with some unique features absent in the earlier three helmets from their competitor Steelbird.

The split visor on the helmet is silicone-coated for excellent visibility on the road and convenience of usage in all lighting conditions. The helmet provides clear visibility in all situations, whether in the sun or at night.

  • ISI-certified open-face helmet with regulated density EPS.

  • The dynamic ventilation system helps in the elimination of heat and the comfort of the rider during long journey.

  • High-impact outer shell body for superior protection and safety while driving in the road.

  • Silicone-coated dual visor.
  • ‎The helmet has a hypoallergenic liner that reduces allergies while also improving comfort.

Steelbird Fairy Specially Designed ISI Certified Helmet

Full Face Helmet for ladies

The Steelbird Fairy Specially Designed helmet comes with a high-impact-resistant thermoplastic shell to enhance safety during any emergency and sudden accident.

The helmet comes with different color options along with different sizes.

  • High impact resistance outer shell

  • Quick Release Micro Metric Buckle

  • The helmet comes with a neck protector and breathable padding for extra comfort

  •  Multi pore for smooth air circulation.

My Final Opinion

After reading the entire article, I think you must have learned about the features and the unique key points to remember while buying any helmet. I have done an in-depth review and tried to display all the necessary components of the top 5 super cool helmets for girls available in the Amazon marketplace.

If you are interested in Top 3 Vega Helmets for ladies then you can check out the article.

Today I have reviewed 4 Steelbird products and one Studds product. Almost all five helmets come with the must feature in this range of open-face ladies helmets.

You can buy any one of them according to your budget and requirements. I have given a direct link to buy from amazon for your convenience as if you don’t need to waste your time searching them on amazon.

Just click the buy from amazon button, and you will be redirected to Amazon. in from where you can buy any of them.

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