5 Advantages Of State Farm Non Owner Car Insurance and How You Can Make Full Use Of It

Five Advantages Of State Farm Non Owner Car Insurance and How You Can Make Full Use Of It

State Farm provides State Farm non owner car insurance for citizens who do not have access to a household car or own a household car.

However, if you frequently borrow or rent cars, or if you need to file an SR-22 or FR-44 with the state-required paperwork proving that you have insurability coverage on file, the non owner policy may be a wise option.

It would undoubtedly be less expensive than obtaining a complete motor insurance coverage. A Statefarm auto insurance policy usually costs $474 per year.

state farm non owner car insurance

Statefarm car insurance is usually included in a driver’s car insurance policy when the driver carries liability, comprehensive, or collision coverage and is driving within the United States.

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When Should You Consider State Farm Non-Owner Auto Insurance?

You may need to opt-out of state farm non owner car insurance in the following scenarios.

  1. In case when you need to rent a car regularly.
  2. You regularly make use of car-sharing services like Zipcar.
  3. When you have to reinstate your license
  4. You have to file an SR-22/FR-44 form, even if you don’t own a car
  5. You want to keep your coverage in place to avoid future rate spikes.

When looking for non-owner auto insurance quotes, look into the coverage alternatives available in your state as the policies differ from state to state.

Some non-owner plans cover liability-only insurance, while others provide personal injury protection, MedPay, and/or uninsured motorist coverage. 

Geico and Farmers, in addition to State Farm, offer the cheapest non-owner insurance.

What are the features of a Non-Owner Car Insurance?

Non-owner insurance, also called non-driver insurance, provides minimal liability coverage for bodily injury and property damage when driving a vehicle you do not personally own.

So, when you get into an accident with another driver and are judged to be at fault, your non-owners insurance coverage will protect you from litigation, just like a standard liability policy.

Apart from the liability coverage, which covers injuries and property damage of the other party in case of your presence in an accident, non-owner car insurance also covers the following bills.

  • Personal Injury Protection or Medical Payments coverage
  • Liability Insurance for Uninsured or Underinsured drivers
  • Liability Insurance for Rental Cars

There is no particular vehicle attached with non-owner auto insurance, so the comprehensive or collision coverage is not included. As a result, it will not cover damage to your vehicle, medical fees, or other expenditures resulting from injuries sustained in a collision.

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How a Non Owner Car Insurance helps in case of an Accident?

A Non owner car insurance typically covers only the person who purchases the policy as it is purchased on a per-person basis. Non-owner insurance typically has no deductible, so you don’t have to pay anything before coverage starts.

This is because non-owner insurance is an additional coverage that is used only if the primary coverage provided by the car owner is insufficient to cover all damages.

Let’s explain this with an example. Suppose you are driving one of your friend’s cars and meet with an accident and your friend’s insurance policy includes a $25,000 property damage liability limit. So, if the damage cost by accident is $35000, you need to pay the excess $10000.

Here comes the utility of a non owner car insurance policy, which would cover the excess amount provided it includes at least $35,000 in liability coverage for property damage.

Unless your non-owner liability limits are higher than the person whose vehicle you’re driving, your non-owner insurance policy will not come into effect

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State Farm Non owner car Insurance cost and Quote

You can quickly get a quote from state farm non owner car insurance by just entering some essential information like personal information, your driver’s license number, and a payment method (such as a credit card).

Non-owner auto insurance is often less expensive than conventional liability insurance. While rates vary by carrier, an average State farm non owner car insurance policy costs $474, making it a very wise investment.

state farm non owner car insurance

Non-owner policies also count as continuous coverage, which is a bonus. This implies that you won’t have to pay a higher premium when you acquire your car again if you cancel.

Even though most major auto insurance firms provide non-owner plans, none provide non-owner insurance estimates online. Even Geico, known for its simple online approach, requires you to phone an agent to get a quotation.

The following table contains phone numbers for various significant insurers, including State Farm Car Insurance, where you can acquire a quote.

CompanyPhone Number
State Farm800-782-8332
The General1-800-280-1466

In addition to State Firm, you can select any of the above insurance providers according to your choice. Your premium will be based on your driving history and personal information. Do check the availability as some insurers do not provide non-owner insurance in some specific states.

To ensure you get the cheapest rate, we recommend checking multiple insurers’ quotes and comparing them before purchasing non-owner car insurance.

Also, don’t forget to note if you need an SR-22 or FR-44 when speaking with the insurer.

Frequently asked questions

Can you purchase vehicle insurance if you don’t have a car?

Yes, if you wish to receive car insurance without owning a car, you can get non-owner auto insurance coverage.

Who will need a non-owner car insurance coverage?

You need non owner car insurance in two scenarios. Number one, if you don’t own a car but frequently rent or drive cars that do not belong to you and want to be covered.
Number two If you require a non-owner SR-22 due to a DUI or severe similar driving offense.

Is non-owner auto insurance expensive than normal insurance?

Non-owner car insurance is slightly less expensive than conventional car insurance, and it might cost between 5% and 15% less than a similar coverage linked to a car.

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