Top 3 Best SMK helmets under 4000 in Amazon Ultimate Guide

SMK Twister Full Face Helmet With Pinlock Fitted

Top 3 Best SMK helmets under 4000 in Amazon

Dear friends, helmets are of prime importance while riding a bike or scooter. In this article I will take you through the top 3 smk helmets under 4000 available in amazon marketplace for Indian buyers.

We will cover their extensive review and also drill down each & every that makes the helmets stand out as best over the others. Here you are looking for smk helmets under 4000 and I can assure you this article will be full of information and quality which you are looking for.

SMK is a leading global brand of helmets.You can find best of the class helmets at an affordable price tag here at SMK. SMK helmets come with different sizes, colours and graphics and the best part is , do you know ? you will find attractive graphics and colours.


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Key features of SMK helmets under 4000 you Should Know

If you are looking for a brand of helmet that will give you both safety & styling , then SMK is a perfect choice . All 3 helmets under 4000 in our today’s list come with Bluetooth module for convenient communications, ECE 22.05 Certified for a complete peace of mind :


  • Uncompromised Safety and Pinlock visors that ensure clear and fog-free riding.
  • Dual Shell design for enhanced protection 
  • Hypoallergenic Liner dermatologically safe hypoallergenic liner Allergies and enhances comfort.

Key features to select SMK helmets under 4000

Now let’s take look for the top 3 best SMK helmets under 4000 available in Amazon marketplace.

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SMK Twister Full Face Helmet With Pinlock Fitted Clear Visor

top 3 smk helmets under 5000

The SMK Twister (GL200) Full Face Helmet comes with a Pinlock fitted clear visor this helmet falls under the category of SMK Helmets with Bluetooth . The helmet complies with European approval of the minimum safety requirements. 

The helmet comes with both black color which gives a very premium look.

  • ECE 22.05 for ultimate safety

  • Pinlock Anti-fog Visor

  • Double shells for enhanced protection and structural rigidity.

  • Hypoallergenic Liner helps to prevent allergies and gives utmost comfort.

  • Breath Deflector functions as a wiper which keeps away warm breath from visor and thus ensures clear vision while driving.
  • UV-resistant and scratch-resistant dual visor
  • Removable and washable inner liner.

Considering all the features along with Bluetooth SMK has given compact style with uncompromised safety with this helmet. 

If you are looking SMK helmets from Amazon marketplace then I would say this is the best one you can buy. Link in the box

SMK Helmets - Stellar - Wings - White Red Orange

SMK Helmets with Bluetooth

Stellar Steller helmet also comes with Pinlock Anti Fog Lens Fitted with single clear visor. The helmet complies with ECE certification and comes with Polycarbonate shell construction. 

The helmet comes with attractive graphical dual-shell design and is characterized by bold contours. The helmets are lightweight and a superior fit grip gives the rider supreme comfort even during long distance journeys 

The extra wide UV resistant visor gives the rider an excellent view of the rods during the journey.

Some Important Features :

  • Removable washable liner
  • Breath detector & Breathable liner
  • Channel exhausts & Chin Air vents

  • Wind protector & hot air exhaust

  • Multi density EPS material along with Hypoallergenic Liner which prevent allergies during long rides.
  • Quick release visor along with quick release strap
  • UV & Scratch resistance Visor with top air vents.

In terms of look & safety the helmet out performed almost all its competitors like Studds, Steelbird & AGV helmets in its price band. In my view this helmet comes with almost all the features which should be available in this price segment and also the helmet comes with top-notch safety norms.

If you are looking for a helmet which will give you elegant style with premium safety , then you can buy this helmet blindly. You can either buy this helmet directly from amazon or from a local shop whatever you select convenient for you.

The helmet comes with 6 sizes (XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL)

If you wish to buy from amazon I have given here a direct link for your convenience.

SMK Twister (HV400) High Vision Full Face Helmet

smk helmets under 4000

The SMK Twister (GL200) Full Face Helmet comes with Pinlock fitted clear visor and equipped with Bluetooth module for convenient communications. The neutral design with eye-catching graphics makes the helmet a perfect choice for a wide variety of riders.

The UV resistant ultra wide visor helps riders to take a wide angle view of the entire road. The dynamic ventilation system with multiple air vents both on the chin guard and top of the helmet provides ultimate comfort to riders during long journeys .

The helmet also comes with an attractive price tag for SMK helmets under 5000 Indian Rupees. This is a value for money deal in this segment. 

Some Important Features :

  • Bluetooth module for convenient communications

  • Double shells with Hypoallergenic removable and washable Liner.

  • Breath detector & deflector. 
  • Channeled exhausts with chin air vents.
  • Dual Visor system with wind protector and hot air exhaust.
  • Pinlock, Antifog, Scratch resistance and quick release visor.
  • Comes with antistatic moisture controlled fabric.

The SMK Twister (HV400) High Vision Full Face Helmet comes with attractive graphics along with power packed features and safety with the latest Bluetooth module inbuilt.

You can call this helmet an all-rounder which is a perfect blend of safety with all latest features presents within this price range.

The helmet comes with 6 size variants , you can buy this helmet online from amazon or from any local store . But please make sure to buy from a genuine store and also before buying from any store make sure that you are buying the original SMK product. 

Alternatively you can buy directly from amazon , and I already have given a direct buying link for you to directly buy this from amazon.

Conclusion (Best SMK helmets under 4000 )

Here I have tried to give you an in-depth knowledge about what are the factors you should look into before buying any helmet specially full face premium segments helmets.

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All the above three helmets in the list of best SMK helmets under 4000 are best in their respective segments. You can select any of the helmets based on your choice, requirement and budget.

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SMK is an Italian brand which is doing business all over the world including India.

Step 1 : Measure around the head, above the brows/ears, with a measuring tape or string (area usually the helmet covers). Make a mental note of the dimensions.

Step 2 : Refer to the size table given in company’s official website and pick your correct size (S/XS/XXS/M/L/XL/XXL)

Full form of EPS (expanded polystyrene) is a crushable foam which is also known as Styrofoam or we commonly know this as thermocol . It constructs the inner lining of a helmet with outer shell ( made up of ABS or carbon fiber ).

It’s advisable to clean your helmet once every 3-4 months , this prevents deposition of dirt and grime. Cleaning the helmet also prevents bad odor coming from the helmet. 


Process : 


Gently remove the inner padding and lining and then soak it in the warm water for 20-30 minutes. Don’t use any detergent or chemical.

Gently wash off the paddings and liners , dry off in shade

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