Simple Energy One Electric Scooter Price and Review – gets 300+ Km Range

Simple Energy One Electric Scooter Price and Review – gets 300+ Km Range

Bengaluru-based electric scooter start-up Simple Energy recently announced the launch of their latest Simple Energy One Electric Scooter in India. The company touted that the new e-scooter had a range of 236 km in ‘ideal conditions, which would make it one of the longest-range e-scooters currently on the market.

Simple Energy One Electric Scooter

The launch of the Simple Energy One Electric Scooter has been deferred until June 2022 though some excellent news is coming up as now Simple Energy has come up with a more powerful version. The new update offers a torque of 72nm. The company claims that the new simple electric scooter has the most extended range of any production electric two-wheeler in India.

Simple Energy has now come up with an extra battery pack for the electric scooter, with a range of 300+ kilometers per charge.

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Lets discuss about the various specs of this scooter in details so that you can make your mind whether the simple one electric scooter would be your next electric vehicle or go with the surge of Ola S1 pro.

Simple Energy One Electric Scooter Range and Battery

The current updated version of the simple one electric scooter comes with a 3.2 kWh fixed battery pack and one 1.6 kWh removable module that combine to 4.8 KWh and are currently the largest in the market. There is one battery pack under the floorboard, and the portable one is under the seat; you can simply pull out the battery for charging.

The battery weighs only 7 kg which is very lightweight and easy to handle, and I think this is a very impressive move by Simple Energy, which will benefit the customer. Due to the light, one can pull the battery out and take this to any portable charging point for charging.

According to the CEO of Simply Energy, Suhas Rajkumar, the battery module contributes to 60% of the total scooter cost.

The Simple One Standard variant claims to have a top speed of 105kmph and a range of 236 kilometers on a single charge. With the upgradation of an additional battery variant that gives an output of 6.4kWh battery, the company claims to go as far as 300 kilometers on a single charge. Though in actual-world conditions, the range will differ, but still very impressive and currently the highest for any electric scooter in India.

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The Simple energy also alims that the scooter can clock the speed of 0-40 kmph within 2.85 seconds, making the scooter the quickest in India.

The 4.8kW motor produces 8.5kW of peak power and 72Nm of torque. Simple electric is distinct from its competitors because it has a chain drive system. The scooter uses underbone chassis with a telescopic fork and monoshock configuration for a comfortable riding experience for its riders.

Simple One Electric Design and Comfort

The scooter offers a well-cushioned large seat in terms of comfort and convenience. You can comfortably place your feet on the floorboard, depending on your height. In our experience, if your size is about 5’8 to 5’10, you can comfortably adjust.

The under-seat storage is big enough to accommodate a full-size sports helmet which is simply brilliant. The seat mechanism is also smooth, and the seat locks with just a single click scooter. The simple energy has done excellent work on this.

Disc brakes are at both ends of the scooter and help provide that added assurance of CBS – this is particularly important as 12-inch alloy wheels should also be able to guarantee adequate stability for the One.

If we talk about the design, Simple’s design team made the One stand out by using clean, simple, and crisp lines. Overall the Simple Energy One Electric Scooter comes up with a futuristic approach that displays similarities with its nearest rival, the Ather 450X.

Simple Energy One Electric Scooter

Simple One Features and Specifications

The Simple Energy One Electric Scooter comes with LED headlights, a 7-inch instrument console, and Bluetooth navigation, and you can also make and receive phone calls, listen to music, and store documents. The scooter has a 4g connection, and the TFT touch screen has a capacitative one, which means it’s effortless and smooth to use.

Range300+ km/charge
Top Speed105 kmph
Motor Power4500 W
Battery TypeLithium Ion
Battery Capacity6.4 kwh
Wheels TypeAlloy
Max Torque72Nm

The Simple one also has other features, including OTA updates, geo-fencing, a tyre pressure monitoring system, and vehicle tracking. A 4G LTE sim and Bluetooth are included in the connectivity package. The Simple One has a 30-litre storage space under the seat and weighs 110kg.

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Simple Energy One Electric Scooter Price and Pre-Book

The starting price of the Simple One Electric Scooter is 1.09 lakhs, while the top variant comes at 1.44Lakhs. Simple Energy is offered in 2 variants, STD and one extra range, which comes at the cost of Rs 1.44 lakh. The Simple one electric scooter pre-booking can be made by visiting the official site of simple energy. Currently, they are taking pre-bookings with just Rs 1947. You need to visit their official site, simple energy and fill in the required details to register and pre-book the scooter.

One can select one of the four colors (Brazen Black, Namma Red, Azure Blue, Grace White) which are available in their portal.

Final Verdict

The Simple Energy One Electric Scooter combines style and comfort and is the quickest and most prolonged in terms of torque and mileage. Though the expected launch of this scooter is deferred to July 2022, it’s expected the scooter will give a tough fight to its nearest contenders like Ather 450X, Bajaj Chetak Electric, TVS iQube and the Electron Pro Max

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