Royal Enfield riding pants buying guide: How to select your best riding pant?

Royal Enfield riding pants buying guide: How to select your best riding pant?

Are you a Royal Enfield bike rider or a traveler? If so, you may know the significance of wearing the proper clothing while riding a bike, especially riding pants. Mostly, individuals wear helmets, riding jackets, and gloves but don’t wear riding pants. 

Your lower body is just as vital as your upper body. Due to this, riding pants are just as essential to your motorcycle gear as gloves and a helmet. Regular pants and Royal Enfield riding pants are not the same things. 

royal Enfield riding pants

They are made specifically to shelter your legs from the weather and safeguard you from harm in the event of an accident. 

In other words, having Royal Enfield riding pants can make the difference between a pleasurable and uncomfortable journey. 

But what are the most crucial elements to look for when buying new riding pants? This article will discuss the significance of riding pants and tips for buying to help you choose the ideal pants for you. Let’s investigate riding pants in more detail now.

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What is unique in Royal Enfield riding pants?

For every bike rider, pants provide essential abrasion defense. Riding pants can help! Do you know what else makes riding pants worthwhile outside the safety they can offer in the event of a crash while riding? 

You can shield your legs from the surroundings by wearing Royal Enfield riding pants. Regular denim jeans or trousers are not your friends when it’s humid or rainy. 

There are pants for hot and cold climates, which have switchable covers for both. Most individuals believe riding pants are only necessary for racing or off-road riding. 

While it’s true that both situations call for appropriate riding pants, have you ever had a pebble strike you in the leg while driving? It hurts wearing jeans, but the protection the correct pair of pants provides eliminates this problem.

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Significance of Riding Pants

Royal Enfield riding pants often contain foam padding at the hip area and armor at the knees. They are constructed of abrasion-resistant textile, mesh, or leather, much like riding jackets. Therefore, even if you fell, your trousers’ armor would absorb the initial shock and prevent tearing from a little collision. 

Any decent riding pants will also include a specific surface in the seating area to provide extra traction and prevent you from sliding forward or back on the seat while riding. These riding pants also feature thermal and rain liners so you can ride in any weather while keeping your personal belongings warm and dry.

The best Royal Enfield riding pants: Buying tips

Following is some shopping advice to assist you in choosing the ideal Royal Enfield riding pants for your needs.

Tip #1: Look for the material

Choosing a product composed of high-quality, long-lasting materials is usually advisable as you’ll be wearing motorbike riding pants while cruising down the highway. 

Proper clothing is the best riding advice for staying safe on the road. Here’s a quick summary of some typical fabrics used in Royal Enfield riding pants to give you an idea:


It is among the most widely used options for bike riding pants because of its durability. Leather is renowned for its capacity to withstand abrasion and provide a reasonable amount of protection in the event of a fall. Additionally, this material may provide you with a timeless, fashionable aesthetic that will never go out of style.


Various fabrics, including Polyester, Kevlar, and Cordura, comes under the “textile” category. These components are frequently used to produce sturdy yet comfortable bike riding pants. 

The textile can be a fantastic option if you search for durability and breathability. Many textile riding trousers also come with waterproof inserts to keep you dry in rainy conditions.

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Tip #2: Select the correct size & fit

When purchasing Royal Enfield riding pants, size and fit are crucial considerations. Do not wear too baggy or tight pants because riding won’t be comfortable for you, compromising your safety.

To choose the right size, carefully measure your inseam & outseam, waist, and hips. When you have these measurements, review the size chart for the product you’re considering and choose the best fit. 

However, while a good fit is essential, you must also ensure the pants don’t restrict your movement. In particular, it shouldn’t be too tight around the knees and ankles.

royal Enfield riding pants

There are 3 types of riding pants available in the market, loose fit, tight fit, and regular fit. You may feel more at ease while riding in loose-fitting riding pants thanks to their excess cloth and baggy fit. 

However, remember that this can be risky to wear due to the loose material. Another is tight-fit pants, which wrap your body tightly. They are frequently worn by racing fans who want to appear more aerodynamic. Since knee pads or armor must remain in place while driving, this style is advantageous.

While regular-fit pants don’t hang loosely or hug your body, they allow you to move freely while giving you a calm feeling. They are a great option if you desire fit on and off the bike.

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Tip #3: Closures

The closure system is what holds your motorbike riding pants in place. Regular-fit and loose-fit riding pants frequently have button closures. 

While tight-fitting motorcycle riding pants include zipper closures. At the same time, hook and loop is another option for a closure system. Remember to check these while buying Royal Enfield riding pants.

Tip #4: Cost

Most people don’t want to spend more money on this equipment. But you should know it is as essential as a helmet and jacket. You may find Royal Enfield riding pants a bit costly, but the majority of the time, a product’s quality improves with price. 

It’s wise not to associate quality with money, though. Plenty of inexpensive bike riding pants are available in the market. Finding them only requires a little bit of patience and diligence.

Wrapping up

It’s not challenging to get Royal Enfield riding pants for a bike. You may quickly locate the most fabulous gear pants using the tips mentioned above in this article. 

Comfortable riding pants are necessary for a bike rider. Water-resistant pants are a good idea if you plan on touring or commuting if it’s rainy outside.

Additionally, cargo pockets on the thighs are significantly more practical for holding your wallet, even though they might not seem stylish. Ventilation is also recommended. These are all best to check around and determine what makes sense for you.

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