How to Locate Plugshare Free Charging Stations Using the Plug Share App: 5 Simple Methods

How to Locate Plugshare Free Charging Stations Using the Plug Share App: 5 Simple Methods

An electric vehicle is more a smart and wise choice to buy now than a conventional fuel charged car. However, you have to look to charge your vehicle when you are off on a long journey or somewhere out of your home.

Sometimes charging your vehicle on roads can come to be a struggle if you are unable to locate the charging station or unaware of the location of a charging station.

plugshare free charging

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Free EV charging facility provided by EV Manufacturers

The electric car maker Tesla first catches the opportunity and offers complimentary EV charging utilized to entice drivers to switch to all-electric vehicles and drive their sales.

Tesla convinced a large number of customers that having unlimited access to their fast-developing Supercharger network that would gradually pay for the high entry price of a Tesla with “free fuel.”

Other big EV makers like Nissan and BMW also continue on the same path where they offer their EV customers “No Charge to Charge.” But their charging networks are slower than Tesla’s.

Currently, most EV players have EV charging incentives along with their EV vehicles, ranging from enough energy to cover a few road trips to years of unlimited charging.

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Finding Plugshare free charging Stations

Now the purchase of all-electric vehicles from Ford, Kia, or Hyundai comes with 250 KWh of complimentary charging on the Electrify America network. If we calculate the range of around 3-4 miles per kWh, it is a good amount of distance of 750-100 miles one can drive with this complimentary benefit.

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You need to look for non-networked charge stations as you finish your complimentary charging. The good news is that free EV charging is offered by hosts such as hotels, municipalities, and even certain auto dealerships to attract tourists.

Unless you know the place very well or have a local guide, you’ll need an app or mobile guidance software to locate these free EV charging stations.

Apart from screening out paid places in the software of a specific network, there is one go-to application that serves as a knowledgeable companion for all EV drivers: Plugshare, a one-stop solution for your EV charging search.

Plugshare is available on both app and desktop versions. The application is a crowdsourcing platform that displays practically every free charging option that was still unsearched before Plugshare.

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The PlugShare app

It’s been easy to find a Plugshare Free Charging Station with the PlugShare app. You need to select the connector type of your electric vehicle and uncheck the “Payment Required” or “Requires Fees” option while searching for charging stations.

plugshare free charging

The app will show the Plugshare free charging stations where you can charge your EV.

You can check out this step-by-step guide video tutorial to learn better about how you can find free EV charging via the Plugshare smartphone app.

You need to do the following steps to search for Plugshare free charging :

  • Install and launch the Plugshare smartphone app.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, tap the filter symbol.
  • Select the appropriate connectors/plugs for your car.
  • Scroll down to the “Miscellaneous” column and uncheck “Requires Fee.”
  • To return to the Plugshare map, click the back arrow.
  • Look through the marks to find free EV charging stations.

How does Plugshare work

Keep in mind that Plugshare is essentially a crowd-sourced site; hence the listing data is only as good as the individual who entered it and the EV drivers who added to the listing after visiting the area.

If the listing hasn’t had much feedback or activity, it’s a good idea to call ahead to ensure the existence and accessibility of free EV charging.

A handy feature under Plugshare is that users can leave their feedback based on their charging experience through check-ins. The user gives the rating according to their charging experience. So you can decide which charging station to use based on the ratings assigned by the visitors.

plugshare free charging

Pay with Plugshare

We have already discussed how you can locate Free EV charging stations with the help of the PlugShare iOS and Android app. In the case of paid charging service, you need to select the Pay with PlugShare button after studying the cost and station information.

After creating your account, you need to securely enter your credit card details to start the charging session. You also can monitor the whole charging process through the Plugshare app on your smartphone.

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