Okinawa Okhi 90 Electric Scooter Price and Review – Best Electric Scooter 2022

Okinawa Okhi 90 Electric Scooter Price and Review – Best Electric Scooter 2022

Okinawa Autotech Ltd. is the second-largest electric two-wheelers brand in India. It has launched Okinawa okhi 90 electric scooter, a dedicated offering from the manufacturer to meet the varied needs of city dwellers. The new launch from the brand comes at a time when the demand for scooters in India is at an all-time high.

Okinawa okhi 90 electric scooter

The all-new electric scooter is a unique and premium electric scooter with no compromise on size. Usually, most new ev makers come with scooters that are relatively compact and small in dimensions. But that is not the case with Okinawa Okhi 90.

The scooter comes with 16-inch aluminum-alloy wheels that increase the overall riding experience on various road surfaces. Compared to other electric scooters, the tires have a broader and superior grip, and their height is appropriate for a long-distance two-wheeler.

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So we can say that the Okinawa Okhi 90 electric scooter is helpful for both city and long-distance rides. Let’s discuss the features, specifications, battery range, design, and styling of the newly launched scooter from Okinawa.

I will also share some points to make your mind about why you should consider this vehicle for your next electric scooter and why it’s wise to shift from ice-powered scooters to electric scooters.

Okinawa Okhi 90 Design and Comfort

The Okinawa Okhi 90 LED headlight is designed to keep you safe and visible on the road, and the headlight features a sensitive light sensor that can be activated in any low visibility conditions. You’ll get incredible visibility with this headlight, even in the darkest of situations. The headlight also inspired by the Okinawa brand logo, which you can quickly point out in the headlight.

In the back side the LED tail lamps looks sporty and the ABS grab rail is good enough to keep extra storage.You will find the Okinawa badge under the headlight, which you will come to see between the two led DRLs. The turn indicators come with a sleek chrome design that looks premium and rich with advanced styling.

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The footwell is not the widest of the bunch due to the usage of giant wheels. Despite this, you will find a 40 liters under-seat storage, including a USB socket for charging mobile phones. The seat is fairly wide and comfortable. The tail lamp design is attractive and adds to the scooter’s modern appearance.

Subtle chrome elements, such as the aluminum brake levers add to the Oki-90’s glitter factor. The massive 16″ tyre tubeless comes with Electronic- Assisted Braking System, which works with regenerative energy.

If we talk about the breaking, the Okinawa Okhi 90 electric scooter has dual disc breaks with Combi Breaking System. The scooter comes with a hydraulic telescopic suspension and a double shocker in the rear with dual-tube technology.

Okinawa Okhi 90 Electric Scooter Features and Specifications

Coming to the features, you will find chrome-plated, stylish-looking mirrors in the front. The Oki-90 comes with an automatic keyless start, allowing the rider a quick and easy start.

Key Features include Automatic Key Locking System, In-car navigation, a digital speedometer, Bluetooth connectivity, Parking Mode, a mobile charging USB connector, a luggage box light, geo-fencing, and safe parking.

Additionally, you also get Real-Time Asset Tracking with GPS, Find my device, Driver Behavior, and Anti-theft Alarm with this scooter.

Peak Power3800 Watt
Top Speed80 – 90 kmph
Charging Time80% in 1 hour ( full charge 3-4 hours
Battery3.6KWH Lithium-ion
Range160 Km on full charge
Battery & Motor Warranty3 Years
Wheel Base1520 mm
Loading Capacity250Kg
Brake SystemDual Disc with CBS

The Okinawa Connect App is feature-rich, and you can find a smooth and straightforward ownership experience. The Find My Scooter feature assists in locating the scooter, and in case of any theft, the e-scooter can be immobilized remotely.

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You can also check driver score tracking and monitoring data. The Okinawa Okhi 90 electric scooter comes with five color options, i.e., Glossy Wine Red, Glossy Pearl White, Glossy Ash Grey, and Glossy Jewellery Blue.

Okinawa Okhi 90 Battery Power and range

If we talk about the power, the high-performance Okinawa Okhi-90 electric scooter receives power from a 3800-watt Belt Driven (IP – 65) centrally mounted motor, which gets energy from a 3.6KWH Lithium-ion detachable battery pack.

The scooter can go upto 160 km on a single charge, but this is only in sports mode. If you drive the scooter in eco mode, you can get upto the 200 Km range, which is impressive.

In Eco mode, the highest speed is 55-60 km/h, while in Sports mode, one can reach speeds of 85-90 km/h. The Okhi-90 accelerates 0 to 90 kmph in 10 seconds. The 72V 50 AH lithium-ion battery is removable and supports fast charging.

Okinawa Oki 90 Electric Scooter Price and Booking Details

Okinawa Okhi 90 Electric Scooter comes with a competitive price tag, and the on-road price of the vehicle is Rs 1,21,866 without FAME II and state subsidy. If we include the FAME II and state subsidy, the price is 103866 in Delhi, Rs 103866 in Maharashtra, Rs 101866 in Gujarat, and Rs 114866 Rajasthan.

Okinawa Okhi 90 PricingEx-Showroom prices
Pan India121866 (Including FAME II)

A 3-year warranty from Okinawa Autotech covers both the battery and the motor of the OKHI 90.

You can book Okinawa Okhi 90 Electric Scooter by simply visiting the Okinawa official website or going to your nearest Okinawa Autotech dealership.

Final Verdict

Okinawa okhi 90 electric scooter is a complete connected vehicle which comes with order stylish looks with a strong body and aesthetics. The boot space is quite spacious even after keeping the detachable battery. The single charge battery range is impressive compared to its competitors like Ather 450XBajaj Chetak ElectricTVS iQube and the Electron Pro Max.

Okinawa okhi 90 electric scooter

This scooter’s overall size also suits both short city rides and long highway rides. The entire battery pack also supports fast charging, in which the battery gets 0-80% charge within just 1 hour, which is another plus point which makes the scooter a little ahead of its competitors. 

Other extra features like keyless entry and turn by turn navigation make the rider’s life very easy with this Okinawa okhi 90 electric scooter.

I think the scooter will be a promising vehicle that ev scooter lovers will love to ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Upkeep an Okinawa Electric Scooter?

An Okinawa e-scooter is much easier to maintain than a standard in-shade scooter that operates on petrol. You can do some basic steps to keep the Okinawa e-scooter functioning. 

Use the correct charger, check your battery in Okinawa authorized service centers, and never overcharge your battery, especially in summer.

The sun’s heat can destroy the battery; hence, you should keep your Okinawa e-scooter covered.

Make sure to ride at a permissible speed to put less strain on your breaks.

How to maintain the motor health of your Okinawa Electric Scooter?

To keep your scooter’s motor healthy, always do the timely maintenance of your e-scooter at authorized service centers.

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