Okinawa electric Bike Price and Launch Date in India – Motogearreview

Okinawa electric Bike Price and Launch Date in India – Motogearreview

Okinawa Autotech and the Italian firm Tacita have joined hands to explore the emerging and rapidly increasing Indian electric vehicle industry. They will manufacture electric performance motorcycles, commonly an Okinawa electric Bike, to capture the increasing demand for electric motorcycles in both high and low-end segments.

Tacita will manufacture the vehicle, with Okinawa will prove heavy input on what to look out for when it comes to safety, comfort, and style. Along with electric motorcycles, electric scooters will also be manufactured at the second manufacturing unit of Okinawa at Rajasthan.

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Okinawa electric Bike

According to the agreement, Okinawa will contribute to the local manufacture of new products, while Tacita will offer the controller, motor, battery packs, and BMS.

The collaboration will focus on the design, development, patenting, and road testing of the ev products until the first half of 2023, when they will be launched.

About Tacita Electric

Tacita was founded in 2009 to design and manufacture revolutionary and one-of-a-kind electric and performance motorcycles. The brand name Tacita is derived from the Latin name for the goddess of quiet in Roman mythology.

Inspired by the Goddess of silence, Tacita designs and builds motorcycles that care for the environment and their riders. The motorcycles from Tacita are authentic off-road machines.

Tacita launched its first performance electric scooter in Western Europe last year and has sold more than 150,000 units of electric scooters. Tacita is an Italian manufacturer of electric scooters.

The “T-RACE” and the new “T-CRUISE” are the two best selling electric motorcycles Tacita is currently trading in European countries.

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To penetrate the Indian market, Tacita has decided to team up with Okinawa Autotech, which has been manufacturing electric scooters and other electric vehicles for a very long time.

Tacita is famous for making electric sports cars and high-performance electric scooters. Tacita’s electric performance scooter can generate six horsepower and go from 0 to 100 kmph in just 4 seconds.

Tacita’s electric performance motorcycle has been developed for the European markets, but Okinawa Autotech will soon launch it in India and other Asian countries.

The New Okinawa electric Bike Design

The upcoming Okinawa electric bike design will be sketched in Italy by Tacita’s engineering team and Okinawa’s technicians. While the powertrain, battery packs, and BMS, on the other hand, will be built entirely by Tacita.

The road test of electric motorcycles will be done on both Indian and Italian roads and in all weather conditions. A grand opening from Okinawa’s headquarters in India to Tacita’s offices in Italy would be organized as part of the maiden test rally.

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Okinawa electric Bike

As per the sources, the Tacita T-Cruise Urban is fitted with a new Generation 2 engine with three power options ranging upto 44 kW. The electric Urban cruiser motorcycle can generate an instant pickup of 100 Nm of torque for a top-level riding experience.

It is expected that Okinawa electric Bike wil be launched as a redeveloped version of Tacita T-Cruise Urban.

The most amazing fact is that most of the Tacita’s Electric Bikes have a dedicated 5-speed gearbox and a hydraulic clutch. This will allow the rider to pull a wheelie in first gear smoothly with the instant torque of 100 Nm from the electric motor.

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Okinawa Electric Bike Price

The Okinawa Autotech currently offers eight variants of electric scooters for Indian moto enthusiasts. Of the eight variants, 6 are electric scooters, and two models are electric motorcycles, including Okinawa OKi100.

The Okinawa OKHI-90 is the most expensive Electric bike and the most popular one of all. The Oki-90 costs 1.04 Lakh ex-showroom in India. Check below the Okinawa electric bike price details.

Okinawa Bike ModelEx-showroom price
Okinawa OKHI-90₹ 1,21,866
Okinawa Praise₹ 80,615
Okinawa i-Praise₹ 1,07,212
Okinawa Ridge Plus₹ 66,082
Okinawa R30₹ 60,157
Okinawa Lite₹ 64,870

Okinawa Electric Bike Launch Date

The Okinawa Electric Bike is expected to launch in India within the next year after all the test runs and necessary developments are complete. The first performance electric bike from Okinawa is currently is under testing at Tactia headquarters in Irtaly.

However, you can also look for another game-changer from Okinawa, the Oki100. The electric motorcycle is expected to in the second half of 2020. The Oki100 costs roughly Rs 1 lakh (ex-showroom), and this will be a strong contender against the Revolt RV 400.

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